Bobbi Morse in 2.05 A Hen in the Wolf House

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How To Get Away With Murder 1.06 Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole

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indians light clay oil lamps, known as diyas or deepas, in celebration of the third day of diwali. known as the festival of lights, diwali, which begins this year on october 21 (a day earlier in south india), lasts for five days. 

what originated as a festival to mark the last harvest of the year and seek the divine blessing of lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, has over the centuries become a national festival enjoyed by most indians regardless of faith. (consider that india is the second most populous muslim nation on the planet)

photos by (click pic) amit daveajay verma, arif alipiyal adhikary, kevin frayer, altaf qadri, sanjeev gupta and shakil adil. the diyas in the first photo have been arranged to spell “happy diwali” in hindi. 

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My love, you don’t have to worry about me…

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3x12 vs 4x04

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(✿ ♥‿♥)

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I’ll find him, but he is not gonna ruin this night.

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knopeworthy replied to your post: hey friends so in honour of bisexual e…

do friendships count too

yes absolutely!!

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hey friends so in honour of bisexual emma appreciation fortnight and also since it’s emma’s birthday week pls feel free to send me any and all graphic/gif requests involving emma or any emma ships! including crackships, poly ships, even ships you think i hate - i promise to do my best!!

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