yo party people im chi rubybells guess what guess what captain hook is emmas boyfriend lmao


The lower I get, the higher I’ll climb.
And I will wonder why I got dark only to shine.
Looking for the golden light.
Oh, it’s a reasonable  s a c r i f i c e.

red beauty au {ftl}- ruby asks belle to a ball. at first, belle hesitates, but eventually gives in.

Anonymous said:
could you please post your icon? it's gorgeous! :D

I only made it as an icon tho so it’s tiny haha no point in posting„„, but thank u!!! emma swan more like yearny mc doey eyes am I right folks


"you’re kind of annoying" 

kind of? kind of??? excuse me. excuse you. i am fully annoying. i am very annoying. there’s nothing half-assed half-hearted “kind of” about it


Annie, look, I don’t know people, but I know TV. When characters feel like the show they’re on is ending their instinct is to spin-off into something safer. In Jeff and Britta’s case something that would last six episodes and have a lot of bickering about tweezers and gluten, starring them and an equally WASP-y brunette couple with a title like, ‘Better with My Worse Half,’ or ‘Awfully Wedded,’ or ‘Tying the Not,’ but ‘not’ is spelled without a k, or ‘#CouplePeopleProblems-’ Abed. and every episode you get to decide who wins the fight- Abed! by going to- Abed, stop developing!

"Everything that makes her special, that makes her powerful, that makes her a threat, will be gone…."

But with Emma put under a sleeping curse, Killian is left with difficult decision to make.